VIA Idea #5: Tell it All, Tell it Fast and Tell the Truth

We’ve learned in Crisis Communications 101 that it is always best to admit a mistake up front and do whatever possible to re-establish credibility and confidence with your audiences. Never lie, deny or hide your involvement. If you ignore the situation it will only get worse.

David Letterman’s recent admissions were text book. We can’t say he came out with his reputation intact, but he beat his blackmailer by going public with the truth.

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VIA Idea #4 Six Steps for Creating a Successful Ad

Even though marketing messages are delivered in ever-increasingly sophisticated methods, the foundation for creating effective ads remains constant. VIA Marketing asks questions first; then we develop solid creative for our clients:

1. Who is the customer? Define your market. Take a step away and make sure you are looking at your ad through the eyes of your true customers.

2. What motivates the customer? Basic human emotions drive the decision-making process and compel a person to think, “I want that” or “I need that.” David Ogilvy called these the “eternal verities” or truths:

  • Live a better, happier life
  • Make more money
  • Be more successful
  • Feel secure/avoid danger
  • Have more sex appeal
  • Enjoy romance
  • Be “heroic” in the eyes of family and friends
  • Be “cool”
  • Achieve higher status/esteem of others
  • Make sure children have all of the above

3. Is it true? Claims made about your product or service must be true and you must deliver what the ad promises. If customers feel cheated or lied to, they won’t come back for more.

4. Is it understood? Don’t patronize the audience, but assume the customer knows nothing or very little about what’s being sold and develop the message from there.

5. Is it memorable? You want customers to remember your offer. The creative must grab and hold the audience’s attention while still clearly delivering the message.

6. Is there a call to action? You must clearly tell the customer what you want them to do. Close the sale by asking for action.

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