reCAPTCHA Updates are Contributing to Contact Form Problems and Websites Taking Too Long to Load.

Here’s what helps.

First, what is a reCAPTCHA?  


Google reCAPTCHA is a free Google tool that protects website forms from malicious users and spam. It helps determine whether the person completing your form is a human or a robot.

Why does it deny some website submissions?


Generally, it takes time for the reCAPTCHA API to load and verify your site’s account. APIs allow two software components to talk with each other using a set of definitions and protocols. reCAPTCHA API keeps track and categorizes users as either high-risk or low-risk and later stores that information for analysis.

Whether your form works may depend on whether reCAPTCHA is wholly loaded; an entire library needs to load to check the users of your website forms. Here at VIA, load times are improved by delaying the release of the reCAPTCHA scripts until they are needed. In other words, when the user clicks on a form field, the reCAPTCHA verification is only then called.


Why are load times beneficial?

  • For search engine optimization. Many search engines prioritize sites with fast load times as part of good UX (user experience). 
  • To close the sale. Say you run an e-commerce site, and a customer in a hurry comes to the site to buy something. They go to your site only to be greeted with a white screen for five seconds. Of course, they give up and decide to purchase somewhere else. In 6 seconds, the page would have loaded, and you would have made that sale. 

It’s easy to see why loading reCAPTCHA scripts on an as-needed basis is so important. Making sure your forms work well is crucial to security, user experience, and brand reputation. 


What should you do when the form denies your customer?

One of your site users fills out your contact form wanting to contact you. They then press submit on their form. Darn… An error message shows through to give you a clue.

There are three reasons your customer could face a denial. 

  • Wrong codes. The programmer may have entered the wrong codes when setting up your reCAPTCHA. Google uses a site key code and a secret key code. These codes make sure Google is connecting correctly and securely. If the site key is wrong, the reCAPTCHA symbol in the bottom right will show the error message: “Invalid site key.” If the “Secret key code” is incorrect, you will not get an error message. Let the Web Developer of your marketing company know, and they’ll get it fixed for you.
  • The user is suspicious. When reRECAPTCHA thinks someone is too suspicious, you will get an error message saying the reCAPTCHA standards are not met. Have your customer sign into their Google account and try again. Spam bots don’t have Google accounts, so signing in increases the likelihood their message will be accepted. Or ask them to use an Incognito window on their browser.
  • Duplicate message error. This means they probably struggled with the submission and tried to submit the exact text more than once. The system sees this as an action a Bot would use and denies the user in its mission to prevent spam. Ask your customer to change their message a little and try to submit it again.

Please let us know if you have questions or need help securing your reCAPTCHA in our contact form.


Google on Recaptcha

Detailed Code implementation

Page Load Speed and SEO

Protecting Your Company Reputation 

What’s in a name and reputation for a business? 

The very moment you decided on the name for your business you created a brand. With a brand comes an expectation of a promise, hopefully molded by you. Delivering on the promise, creates your reputation. Having a positive reputation brings repeat business and people who are willing to give you a try. The better your reputation, the
lower the cost of getting new a customer.

People choose their purchase (and even job choice) based on reputation, more than an ad or promotion. A negative review will cause hesitation and more likely, send prospects running.

What steps can a business take to protect its reputation and grow it? 

A business protects their reputation by making sure all staff understand the importance of meeting or exceeding a customer’s expectations. All businesses need to know and deliver the company’s brand promise and how critical it is to the customer experience. 

Another step is to Google your business often and set up a Google Alert so you can follow when your name is mentioned over the Internet. These are great steps toward knowing what is being said. 

To grow your reputation, proactively ask for reviews and send links to your satisfied customers. Make it easy for them to create a positive post on your behalf.

What are the best strategies for reputation management? 

Eighteenth-century writer Samuel Johnson said, “Man alone is born crying, lives complaining, and dies disappointed.” People have been hard to please since the start of time. When they are not happy, the first thing they do is complain, and in the 21st century, they complain through poor reviews and on social media. Complainers and those who like to sit as judge, will pull down your reputation. 

One of the best ways to build a positive impression is to deliver your product or service correctly the first time. But because we are all human, that is virtually impossible.  

The second-best strategy is to ask for customers to let you be the first to know, so you can make it right. With all due respect, if you’d like those opportunities, let’s be sure to give them to others. 

After these two strategies, you are no longer in an offensive position. You will need to employ your defensive strategies.

What are the key components for reputation management? 

Key defensive strategies that help manage your reputation are to proactively ask for reviews, grow your social media followers, and create company programs designed to build good will and gain repeat business. Focus on creating and maintaining customer relationships. Each of us likes to feel special, and when you use a name and know what they prefer, it sure goes a long way when you have a bad day.

What are the top challenges in reputation management?  

Imagine just not knowing when someone puts out a poor review or not having enough time to respond. Letting bad reviews go unanswered will erode your company. 

Letting bad experiences go, without taking corrective action will also erode your company. Own the poor performances, find out what it takes to make it right and do it, even it’s at a loss. You will gain in the long run.

What are strategies to overcome these challenges?  

You should follow online reviews, set up Google alerts, and respond to social media comments.  

Being a good corporate citizen also goes a long way. You will build positive impressions in people’s minds by connecting yourself to good initiatives, like participating with a charity.  

Sending out press releases, posting about the good you do in social media, and making sure your corporate personality is evident on your website. Don’t talk at people, talk to them in a way that connects. 

If you are a local small business like we are, being involved in business groups, like the Chambers and Rotaries, allows people to gain trust because they get to know you. It comes down to relationships. 

What are some areas of opportunities in reputation management, perhaps that are typically overlooked? 

An overlooked opportunity of reputation building is the way your employees talk about where they work. They should speak with pride about where they work, the people, and its products and services.

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