It’s VIA’s 30th Year of Voyage!

VIA Marketing's 30-Year Anniversary

Aye, it’s true, VIA Marketing is celebrating 30 years of sailing in the land of Northwest Indiana.

As part of our 30th year of voyage, our swashbuckling crew invites ye lads and lassies aboard ship to explore our “Pirates and Pearls Treasure Map.” Let our fine marketing compass steer you through 30 Pearls of Wisdom by making passage along VIA’s treasure map. Along the way we’ve buried plentiful pearls for ye mateys to discover.

Trek yer way up the Advertising Mountains and then make passage through Communication Hills. Sail to the shores of Digital Island, but beware of bootleggers on Identity Beach! There are gems to glean and pearls to pirate around every corner on our treasure map. As this ship has been a’sail for 30 years now, the salty crew can tell ye the tales of marketing legend. So climb aboard ship and enter to win pirate treasure!

There’s bountiful booty to be found to help yer ship’s crew hornswaggle yer way past yer competition!

Avast ye! It’s time to get yer own Black Pearls, Pirateology book, and more!

Pirates & Pearls Treasure Map


We are proud to say that VIA Marketing has been serving Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana these many years with award-winning work. We’ve produced cutting-edge creative for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies spanning tech, e-commerce, hospitality, healthcare and beyond.

Our story began in 1987, with a little capital and a lot of faith. VIA’s Cap’n Julie and her business partner struck out in search of a dream. Over a cup of coffee and the hope of breaking out on their own, they formed the new agency. At the helm of this ship was an Itek typesetting machine (yes, it’s now an antique), a copy machine and a typewriter. The first assignment – a health club newsletter.

Today, in 2017, VIA is more than Marketing. We are Idea Crafters, Strategic Thinkers and Imaginative Explorers.

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