People Love Watching Facebook Video

Capturing and keeping your audience’s attention is key when planning any type of marketing campaign. That is even more important when you compete for interest on Facebook.

Recently we’ve seen a huge engagement shift on Facebook from photo to video. Why? The answer is simple: organic reach. Recent data shows that video posts receive 135 percent greater organic reach than photo posts, using the same URL and post description. Facebook defines organic reach as the total number of unique people who were shown your post through unpaid distribution.

Adding Facebook video, with the ability to share to millions of others in an instant, could make a significant contribution to your marketing strategy. Last year Facebook averaged 8 billion videos viewed per day and the trend is still growing. Yet many marketers think only about YouTube for video posts.

Video’s main factors that keep your audience engaged are autoplay, subtitles, mute, and video playback while scrolling.

Here are some simple tips to remember when you are ready to post video ads on Facebook.

  1. Upload Directly to Facebook
    Many people think if they upload their video to YouTube and then post the link on their Facebook account, they achieve two forms of marketing at the same time. While at first glance that might seem like a good thing, the statistics tell another story. Quintly, a social media analytics agency, found that Facebook native videos get four times higher interactions than linked YouTube videos.Facebook Video Preview
  2. Follow Russell Crowe’s Query “Are You Not Entertained?”
    Most people will give a video four seconds before deciding to keep watching or leave. After 30 seconds, 90 percent of your target audience will leave, according to Vidyard, a video analytical reporting agency. Those initial four seconds are the most crucial. It’s important to create a shock and awe factor to maximize the potential of your video in those first seconds. Leave an impact right away, get your message across quickly and try to be memorable. Many videos are under 30 seconds due to those attention factors.
  3. Create a Call-to-Action
    When you post your video and just before you hit “publish,” take a look at the list of actions you may want to add. Facebook allows you to add a URL, tag a person, add an emoji, check-in to set the location, allow a reply in Messenger, support a non-profit with a donate button, and tag a product. Create an easy opportunity for someone to take the next step to connect with you.Facebook Video Calls to Action
  4. Stream with Facebook Live
    Facebook Live video streaming has become the new “IT” thing in regard to engaging your audience and connecting. Facebook Live is a 3-phase marketing event that works to increase awareness.

    • Pre-Event. Promotes your Facebook Live event to build up an audience, to set reminders, and even create a countdown.
    • Real Time Broadcast. Introduces you and engages your audience. What makes Facebook Live unique is that it streams in real time. Your audience can talk to you through the chat, and you have the opportunity to address them in real time. Be sure to end your broadcast with a call to action (CTA).
    • Post-Event. Captures people who didn’t have a chance to watch your event live. You can edit your video, include a thumbnail, give it a description, and post it as a normal video on your timeline.
  5. Use Video on Your Facebook Page/Profile
    Facebook now allows you to use video as not only the header, but your profile picture! While that is pretty exciting, it’s more for visuals. If you want to promote a new service, product or event, using “Featured Video” helps drive traffic to your video and by proxy the CTA. Set it up in the section on the left side of your page, and “pin” a video of your choice.

With any marketing campaign, the quality of the message is just as important as the means of delivery. Quality scriptwriting, video editing, and post production play a large role in ensuring that your message isn’t being lost in a choppy video or bad visual quality.

VIA recently won a nice award for the video we did for Bosak Motors. We know videos are an investment that needs to pay off with audience engagement. Call on VIA professionals to help you get noticed in a way that says you are a superior organization worth watching.

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